Data Integrity by Design – A PROACTIVE Approach

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Data Integrity by Design – A PROACTIVE Approach

Learn Tools and Techniques Used by Leading Technology Providers

  • Instructor: Steve Thompson

  • Duration: 60 Min

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There is a lot of available information on data integrity but most, if not all, is focused on reactive measures. Ideally organizations will become proactive and thus avoid problems altogether. This presentation is unique because you’ll learn how to proactively design data integrity into your systems now and avoid problems later.


Yes, data integrity is on the regulatory radar and inspectors are now including this as part of their inspections. However, data integrity it nothing new especially as it relates to information technology and computer science. This webinar provides insight on how a good technology solution may, in fact, help you prove your organization, by the very systems they use, are ensuring data integrity. You also gain insight on how you can identify potential gaps and effectively mitigate them. Finally, you’ll be equipped to identify assess new technologies your planning to procure to determine if the technology solution provider has made data integrity integral to their design.


Top 10 Reasons to Attend

  1. Become proactive, rather than reactive
  2. Understand the tools used by technology providers
  3. Learn techniques used by technology providers
  4. Understand what questions you should ask your technology providers
  5. Know what things you should look for when procuring new systems
  6. Assess your existing technologies to see if data integrity has been designed into the system
  7. Understand where things can go wrong and what to lookout for (red flags)
  8. Learn the fundamentals on how computers process information (what they do well versus not-so-well)
  9. Glimpse into the future to see what new technologies on the horizon that may potentially revolutionize data science and information processing
  10. Gain practical knowledge on how you can enhance your Quality Management System (including policy and procedures)


Personnel in the Following Environments Should Attend

  • QA/QC
  • Regulatory Affairs / Compliance
  • Auditors
  • Information Technology
  • Software / Systems Engineering
  • Validation
  • Laboratory
  • Manufacturing

Steve Thompson

Senior Manager, Professional Services, ValGenesis

Steve has over 20 years of GxP experience in Life Sciences (including Medical Device), is a Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) certified Auditor, has held managerial positions at various levels within Information Technology (IT) and Quality Assurance (QA) for major organizations, is a published author, and has presented at several conferences and industry associations. Steve has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University, City of Industry, California.

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