Cannabis Facility Qualification and cGMP Compliance

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Certain hemp and cannabis products and finished goods incorporating its derivatives may still be illegal under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA). FDCA violations occur when these products not in compliance. This webinar address these challenges:

Part 1: Current State of Affairs

-Sold with the intent that they be used to
-Adverse health conditions
-Altering the structure or function of the body

Part 2: Staying Ahead of the Compliance Curve – What the Cannabis Environment Needs to Learn and Implement from the Pharmaceutical Industry

-FDA future inspection approach the cannabis industry products
-Food and activate components safety issues and concerns associated with the cannabis industry
-Laboratory testing requirement and certification to ASTM and ISO17025
-Validation of laboratory test methods
-Should you validate your manufacturing process for THC and CBD extractions and elidable products
-Incorporated into any food, beverage, dietary supplement, or cosmetic, unless generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA

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David W. Vincent, MPH, PhD

CEO, VTI Life Science

David Vincent has over thirty-two (32) years’ experience in the health care industry specializing in the Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. He has over (20) twenty years dedicated to the field of validation (commissioning and qualification [C&Q]). He has B.Sc. degrees in industrial microbiology, B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering Technology, Master and PhD in Public Health. He has hands on experience in many areas of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Commission/Qualification, Engineering including; regulatory submission preparation, Design Review, Microbiology Laboratory setup and qualification, Construction Qualification, Project Management, Utility and Process FAT/SAT Commission Plans, and Equipment Qualification implementation.