Setting Cleaning Validation Carryover Limits for Multiproduct Equipment

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This webinar will provide an overview for setting appropriate acceptance limits for cleaning validation, with the focus on limiting carryover of high-risk components such as product and cleaning agent. Gain an understanding of how maximum allowable carryover (MAC) and maximum allowable residue (MAR) calculations are performed and how to convert them to cleaning validation sampling limits.


Top Reasons to Attend:

    1. Receive an overview of contaminants typically evaluated during cleaning validation sampling
    2. Learn how to calculate product and cleaning agent carryover limits using a MAC/MAR calculation
    3. Review common errors and issues when setting carryover limits

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Angela Vera

Lab Study Engineer III, Hyde Engineering + Consulting

Angela has nine years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on supporting cleaning validation activities for biopharmaceuticals. Angela works at the CORE Laboratory at Hyde Engineering + Consulting, which specializes in developing cleaning validation programs and performing cleaning development studies (e.g., sampling recovery studies, cleaning cycle development, visual residue assessments, and degradation studies).