Waterfall to Agile – Really? Really.

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Waterfall to Agile – Really? Really.

  • Instructor: Brent Gendleman

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Change is a constant. Quality can’t be a moving target. How can you be in a heavily regulated industry and be nimble and strong when developing software? Whether you are an advocate, feeling pressured or just curious about moving from the traditional waterfall method to one with more agility to respond to change, log into this webinar to learn why you want, how you can, and techniques and tools that are useful for implementing an agile methodology while keeping compliance in mind.


By participating in this presentation, you will learn:


  • Waterfall vs. Agile frameworks and value
  • Focus on Requirements and Managing them
  • Communicating Requirements
  • Hierarchy of Agile Requirements
  • Themes, Epics, User Stories


The Webinar will focus on demonstrating the agile method. Specifically, we will review:


  • Problem vs. Product Statement Template
  • Fishbone Analysis — The Problem behind the Problem
  • How to represent stories
  • Communicating story structure

Brent Gendleman

Senior Strategist for Innovation and Technology Adoption, Azzur Group

Brent Gendleman is a technology executive who has spent more than 20 years leading innovation and design for technology solutions for the life science and healthcare industries. In early 2018, Brent came on board with Azzur Group as Senior Strategist for Innovation and Technology Adoption where he works hand-in-hand to unleash partners’ full potential with comprehensive IT Quality Strategic Roadmaps delivered through Azzur IT Advisory Services.

In addition to his work with Azzur, Brent is a founder of 5AM Solutions, which developed Sunrise, a SaaS solution used by top 5 pharma for managing genomic, imaging, wearable, and medical device data. After serving as CEO from 2003 to 2014, he transitioned the company to a new chief executive and currently focuses on business development.

A resident of Bethesda, Maryland, Brent holds a Bachelor of Science from Syracuse University, as well as professional certification from George Washington University.

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